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Cinema Fun
When I was about 16 I went round to a mates house to get drunk, this was my first time suckling on the teat of alcohol. My mates were hardened drinkers and a trip to the local off license resulted in them coming back with bottles of whiskey and I had a bottle of 20-20 (lime flavour).

We drank.

Then thought it would be a good idea to go to the newly opened Vue Cinema. Cruel Intentions was on, great. When anything sexual happened I remember whooping like a seal. I also got my leg stuck in the new comfy seats in front of us.

My mate came back from the toilet and told us he had been told off for being noisy. I chose to ignore this and about five minutes later we were thrown out. The security guard told us we couldn't step foot in the cinema ever again.

Joke was on them! I came back the next week, and the week after. Three years later I was working for them (actually maybe the joke was on me!)
(Mon 4th Sep 2006, 17:19, More)