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Bloch McParty is a greying 29 year old living near St. Albans, England (home of not a lot).

Mr McParty lists his hobbies as nose-gliding, orange juice guzzling and piano wrestling.

His beautiful wife is non-existant at present and thus requires a another main reason for living although Mr McParty sees mild attraction in just about everything.

</End DTH tribute>

I audioscrobble a little bit. The wonders of LastPod mean I can continue to audioscrobble despite listening to most of my music on my iPod.

There now follows a list of sorts

  • Currently reading: Sebastian Beaumont
  • Currently playing: Rock Band
  • Currently listening to: some stuff
  • Currently daydreaming about: Getting the hell away from here.
  • Currently nightdreaming about: Scary AIDs wielding maniacs.
  • Currently obsessed with: Resting.
  • Currently worrying about: A couple of my friends.

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» It was a great holiday, but...

I fell off a rented bike
in the south of France, fell face first onto the wheel, got my lip caught in the spokes and passed out for two hours.

Woke up to find my lip swollen to three times the size.

Went to the zoo the next day to encounter monkeys who ran away from my mangled lip. Fun.
(Thu 21st Apr 2005, 14:30, More)

» Essential Items

Usual things really
Wallet containing: drivers license, bank cards, cash, notes of appointments I'll probably miss, old bus tickets I keep forgetting to get rid of, fortunes taken from fortune cookies in Chinese restraunt years ago

Key ring with: 2 x House keys (Front door and inner front door), 1 x car key, 1 x multitool gizmo given to me by an ex-girlfriend one Christmas. Has an amazingly sharp knife blade attached (the tool thing, not the ex-girlfriend) which is always useful.

Mobile phone (Nokia somethingorother, no idea what model number it is)

40GB iPod

On the occasions I go out with a bag, I always bring my glasses case (containg glasses) and contact lenses case because I'm convinced one day somethings gonna happen which means I have to take my lenses out and put my glasses on although so far, six years on after starting wearing them, nothing really has.
(Thu 27th Oct 2005, 17:25, More)