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So about me... Not much really, live outside Brum (I'm not a brummie).

Here is a Vector of me by the very talented King SuperSpecial

Thank you KSS

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» Scary Neighbours

About as mad as they come.....
Being a very trusting kind of chap I let my neighbour have a key to my backdoor. Should I get locked out or he need to borrow the lawn mower (he cuts both our gardens). Much to my surprise shortly after handing over the key my empty cans and bottle started to disappear; I asked him about this to which he told me he was recycling them. I could cope with that being a ecco friendly (by proxy)guy.

Then my bits of washing up started to get done, again no skin of my nose, but I did ask him to stop. It all came to a head when I got a new girlfriend, who was home from work one day. Imagine her surprise, when washing up mid morning, she was surprised to see my neighbour coming through the backdoor with his marigolds on and a dejected look on his face; saying 'I do the washing up'.

I now leave the door bolt on.

This is just about one in a a few hundred mad things I could relate...
(Thu 1st Sep 2005, 22:46, More)

» Dentists

Who knows best??
I had a tooth with a filling in it that had been a root canal some years earlier.... One day eating a sandwich the filling came out, this left two halves of the tooth with a big gap in the middle, most annoying. After a short while the one half became loose.... Not happy with this I set about it with a pair of pen knife pliers and some strongbow. Much blood and pain ensued, but the half of tooth came out. I then went to my dentist to have the other half out, but due to being a haemophiliac the dentist said I would have to go to the dental hospital.

So I duly made my appointment and went, the 'student' that tried first just broke the other half of the tooth, which lead to an infection and much pain, I then went back to have somebody root around for an hour with no joy, and went back a further two times before finally seeing a dentist consultant that just wiped the last bit out no problem.... But on reflection I would have been better off with my pliers and strongbow!!!!
(Sun 5th Nov 2006, 1:02, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

Haven't and wouldn't.... But....
Once on a booze riddled trip to Belgium with some friends, we had booked a quaint hotel in the middle of the Red Light District in Liege. On a rather drink fueled day where we had covered most of Belgium and I had insisted on drinking only Bush 12 (12% ABV) all day, I and my chums were some what twated!!

Most of the guys had gone to the hotel about 2am as we had a 8am start to the next city, but one friend and I stayed in a bar until they chucked us out at 4am then went to the night shop to stock on Westmill Triple and Leffe.

Bottles in hand we then monkey stepped down the street back to the hotel (as you do) at which point we both looked through a window to see a lady of the night crossing her arms and shooing us away.... Oh the shame, we laughed all the way back to the hotel, until it was time to get up, I think the laughing stopped then as I was completely hung over!!
(Tue 24th Jan 2006, 13:05, More)

» Useless advice

Good advice or bad advice?
My father was always spouting advice of one type or another, usually another, but this was one of his choice statements.

'Son, a bit of c*nts alright, but f*ck it!'
(Thu 26th Oct 2006, 17:16, More)