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Ex Scottish Student who lives in Buenos Aires trying to make a living from making games

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» Pure Ignorance

on the bus in edinburgh going through princess street.

"aint it cool the way they built the castle so close to the train station"

enough said.
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 16:59, More)

» Breakin' The Law

after an impressive night out on the piss...
where the drinks had been £1 a pint we decided to go home (me and my flat mates).

being a huge oasis fan my mate decided to try and get the poster that was on the wall along from the club....
a little police woman came along (there were police outside the club to stop any violence) and said stop that.... we said we would be quick and would go as soon as we had the poster... she wasnt happy but went back to help her partner who was trying to stop a drunken argument between some ned and his bird.

we got the poster and my mate went running to catch up with the rest of my mates at which point a police car saw him decided he was up to no good and switched their lights on....
my mate shits himself but decides in his drunken state he can outrun the car. the car stops out jumps a policeman who promptly gives chase to my mate..
it's either getting rugby tackled or stop so he stops and gets lifted....

gets 2 hours in a cell and leaves without his poster....
they're still trying to charge him with breech of the peace
(Thu 8th Jan 2004, 3:02, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

I've been in multiple things....
i was in the background of the amazing BBC Scotland show (dont know if it was nation wide) "The Beachgrove Garden".

The show is basicly like all crap garden shows. They do up the garden.... thats about it.

So getting back to the point, me and a mate were walking on a pavement down the road during one of their "speeded up" sections. Two or Three frames of fame! YAY

but not only that the old gardener taught Shinty now and again at my local school!

My mates house was also in the Crow Road... it was where the guys bird's parents lived.

Lastly i was on nickelodeon after winning a holliday to California.....
i was 16 when i applied for the competition (upper age limit) and only watched Ren and Stimpy on the channel (honest) but won!

The competition was their version of the national lottery that had just started.

Imagine their surprise when a 6ft 5, 17 yearold comes onto the show and dwarfs their presenter....

They got their own back tho as they had me wearing a small miniskirt style kilt (it was ment for a child)playing a game against a 14 yearold.

I had to run along the stage with my hands down my kilt picking up various typical scottish things (haggis, salmon and a turnip are the only ones i remember) and dropping them at the otherside.

Needless to say i won and flashed the nation on live tv. (it was the miniskirt kilt)

i think my mum still has the video... no doubt i'll get to see it again if i ever take a girl back home to meet the folks at some point.
(Fri 12th Nov 2004, 13:11, More)