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Hello, I'm Dave (like it says in my username), I'm 26 (it doesn't say that bit). I used to make these pictures of cars for fun, it's pretty much a case of using layers to trace from a photo, but I do usually change details and the resulting image is much easier to modify, so I'm just beyond being a photoshop filter.

Look! Another!

For some reason photobucket DOES still exist! And it still scales images down to 1024 (?), thus is entirely useless for me.

Anyway, enjoy this Peugeot 306 I have been working on occasionally for eight years, it's not quite done, but mostly. Click it for a non distorty version.

Here's something which isn't a car:

Another car:

Oh no, why are you reading this shit? Surely you have something better to do?
Just kidding, if you are one of the few who are still here in 2016, you clearly don't have anything better to do... and yes I am aware I'm here too.

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» My Collection

I think I'll get some breakfast before I start typing

I collect:
Model cars: Around a thousand
Model aircraft: About 200 in various shapes and sizes
Music: A few thousand tracks on my computer, as well as over a hundred CDs
Guitars: 3 acoustic guitars, but I want to buy some electric guitars too
Computer games: A few dozen
Pens: A few hundred
Books: Over 200
-Tintin books: 11/25
Computers: 2 1/2
Lego: Lots
K'nex: Lots
Board games: A few dozen
Train tickets: Hundreds

I used to also have a few dozen copies of Top Gear Magazine, but I threw them away :(

I will add more stuff to this post later if I can work out why I collect all this rubbish
(Fri 12th Jan 2007, 12:54, More)