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» Urban Legends

Don't go in the Lift...
Many moons ago I worked for Iceland (The frozen food shop, not the country).

The "true story" explained why the staff were, ABSOLUTELY NOT TO, UNDER PAINS OF INSTANT DISMISSAL, to ride in the goods lift.

The legend went that one day, a young stock lad was loading the lift full of frozen food to send to the basement freezer.
As he was about to send the lift on its way, he then bent forward and his biro fell out of his pocket.
Reaching in to grab it, he slipped in to the lift as someone in the basement called the lift down.

Now for the life of me I can't think WHY there were no doors on the lifts as I'm fairly sure it would have been UK law from years ago to have them.

Presumably, the bloke was paralysed by fear and didn’t move at all. Although recollection recalls that he didn’t want to get caught in the lift so tried to jump out

The lift then SLOWLY chopped through his torso leaving his upper body on the top....and his legs making a break for freedom in the lift.

Apparently, he took about 5 minutes to bleed to death (making it sound more like bollocks than ever) and finally pegged it in the stock room with blood everywhere.

I've met other Iceland employees in the 15 years + since I worked there and they ALL know this story as total truth.

It was told to every new employee, by the old hands as gospel, but I never actually saw real proof of the incident.

Anyone care to confirm the validity this Urban Legend?

First time.. blah.blah.blah.
(Fri 6th Jan 2006, 12:23, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

Rockin Robert
We had Robert.
Who would sit and rock forwards and backwards almost constantly.

He once described a 17th Century drawing of a white bloke wearing a funny wig as "Martin Luther King" in an R.E. Class. Much to our amusement.

However, the best thing he ever managed was getting run over by a pushbike on the way to school and being found by a milkman driving his milk float who had to call the ambulance as he'd fainted.
That earnt him a good few days off school.

I later heard that he was working in a solicitors and went to the toilet, but came back to his desk after forgetting to put his trousers and pants back on!
He apparently also threw a typewriter at someone across his desk for disagreeing with him.
I like to think that the abuse he got at school in no way contributed to his lunacy.
(Fri 19th Jan 2007, 10:42, More)

» My Greatest Regrets

Yep, totally agree with inflateable.

Get shot of her. As quick as.
It's the best way to get on with your life and not feel like shit.

Been there too... Far Far happier now :)
(Thu 12th Oct 2006, 9:22, More)

» Bad Ideas

Selling my flat
Bought for 44k.
Decided to sell it in late 1999 for 54k as "Surely it can't keep going up in price for much longer and I'll cash in on ten grand".

Yeah, reckon I lost almost £80,000 compared to what it was worth 6 years later.
(Thu 24th Jul 2014, 13:52, More)