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Well would you look at this! a brown profile, it doesn't cause seizures like my previous one.
anyhoo, a bit about me... I don't have any humour hence i don't post funny pictures, instead i just deadify when paintshop pro allows me and my brain lets me work.

thats all your getting


website of mine and a friends where we set each other photography challenges and we need people to vote on the best pictures.

Whoopdedoo crap

Autopsy picture inspired by rev jesse's picture

My first fiddle with the heal brush on photoshop

All using images of the same person, kinda cool i think

One of my best pieces i think, i love this one, probably because of her eyes.

This one is se7en-esque i reckon, kinda cool but i didn't know what to do with the eyes.

If you got a picture of someone you want deadifying then email it to me at jimskio_dude the at sign hotmail fullstop com yeah, i have no morals i will deadify anybody whether i know them or not

My resident fluff called bailey

Drawing of the fluff holding her tugger

Mr. Penguin, the most adventurous of all penguins

His first adventure to the reservoir

Mr. Penguins adventure to nottingham

Cartoons (titled by my woo image)
1 - The newspaper
2 - The kite
3 - Love
5 - Pillow fight My favourite
6 - Cleaning teeth
7 - The chav
8 - The wig
9 - Violence
10 - The teddy
11 - The phone call
12 - Illegal fluff
13 - Ailments
My 404 compo entry

My deviantart account
Moose website and movies

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» Petty Sabotage

annoying teacher
in secondary school there was this really annoying helper woman for the science teacher who kept sending us outside when it was cold/raining, she thought of herself as a teacher.

so one day at lunch time when they left the science room unlocked we went in there and saw that she had stupidly left a letter that was shortly to be sent out to pupils open and on the screen. so i simply typed a swear word or two in the letter, saved and left.

lucky for us she didn't proof read.
(Wed 4th May 2005, 18:13, More)