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» Crappy relationships

Crappy relationships - Are there any other kinds?
I have yet to find any evidence whatsoever that any other sort than "crappy" exist.

To date a few of the highlights have been a massively dysfunctional trustafarian with a nice enough kid but who was no longer allowed any credit cards by her folks. The first clue of the impending nightmare was when she called me up to tell me she had booked us a nice family holiday despite the fact we had only been seeing each other for a week (which hardly counts as being a family) and then she asked for my credit card details to pay for it. One golden memory was her screaming down the 'phone to a mate of mine's wife (she had grabbed some of the numbers from my mobile in case she ever wanted to use them against me later). She was socially quite well connected (on the surface of it anyway) and we did go to a few rather nice gatherings of the glitterati but I recall meeting some of her "friends" early on and now realise that they were all mouthing the words "run for your life" to me...

Next in line was another great looker but who started referring to herself in the third person and using the voice of a little girl (not a good thing for an early-promoted senior executive in her late thirties and not being a peado it was more than offputting in the bedroom). Bat-shit mental and utterly socially inept she also once went off on one when I went out to get us some shopping (she didn't know how to buy food). When I came back to the apartment she had used every single pot in the kitchen while she was trying to make beans on toast and was screaming about how she should not be forced into this sort of demeaning task. She also had a slight habit of getting shitfaced at social events and making a total arse of herself then screaming at me in the morning for the things she had done.


Strangely cathartic process there - apologies for the small rant.
(Sat 23rd Oct 2010, 17:27, More)

» Banks

Alliance & Leicester
They are fuckers of the highest magnitude and are not to be trusted.

Actually, now I think of it, it's less of a story than a fact.

(Tue 21st Jul 2009, 21:12, More)