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18, seeking a job in a pub or similar. How incredibly dull. Red haired, wears mainly black (because it's easily co-ordinated with red, for the most part.) Hum Also, Iamapparently syphilis

I am Syphilis. Don't Screw With Me, Or I'll Give You Dementia.
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» Putting the Fun in Funeral

My ex-girlfriend committed suicide from a massive heroin overdose
Her mother (who was an obssesive control freakish bitch, and who had in all likelyhood been the major cause of Char's suicide) firmly believed that we, her friends, had lead her into smack (even though we had all been trying to get her to kick it for YEARS, and none of the rest of us took it.) Thus she banned us all from the actual funeral - "family only" apparently. So we hid in Highgate cemetary and waited till the "family" (her mum and her brother) had gone, then held our own funeral, the way she would have wanted it. Her brother gave his mum the slip and came as well - he was decent - and we all sat on her grave and got drunk and stoned and took turns telling stories about her, and watched the sunset, and cried a lot - but in a good, she was wonderful kind of way. Then we decorated her grave with hundreds of flowers that one of my friends stole from a florist, left her a bottle of vodka and a cigarette and went to a friends house to continue the somewhat maudlin tribute to her life.

It was heartbreaking yet cathartic, and a much better send off than some old priest with no connection to her or her family droning on about heaven (which she didn't believe in) and god (which she also didn't believe in.)
(Fri 12th May 2006, 0:55, More)

» Mugged

I've never been mugged, as such
In other words, I have had people coming up to me and attempting to steal my things plenty times in the quiet backstreets of London, it's just that they only seem to do it when I have nothing of value, which is not actually that often as I usually have my semi-decent phone on me. To date I have been mugged of: an out of date travelcard, a saver ticket (just one, with stump,) a receipt from Tesco's (no idea why they wanted it) and 50p. Not all at the same time, either.
(Thu 15th Jun 2006, 23:20, More)

» Hidden Treasure

Not quite the question BUT:
My friend once found an old dud (he thought) mortar shell once while out with the Scouts. He took it home and placed it on his shelf, where it remained innocently for several years. Until his mother insisted he remove it that is. Being a sensible and civic minded young lad he trotted along to the police station, clutching his unexploded bomb under his arm. Upon arrival he placed it on the desk, explained what it was and watched as the entire Angel, Islington police station was summarily evacuated, and the Bomb Squad called in to defuse it. In the end, it did turn out to be a dud - and no charges were pressed - but the incident got written up in the Islington Gazette (and a front page no less) under the headline "Teenager Wanders In Off Street With Unexploded Bomb." Which he was rather chuffed by. And I have a copy of the paper, if any proof is required!
(Tue 5th Jul 2005, 0:14, More)

» Posh

Well I speak well posh like
but I have a friend who takes posh to new extremes. Both his parents are from the minor aristocracy. Both of them are bohemian druggies. Both of them ran away from home taking nothing but their clothes and their trust funds. My friend thereforeis so unbelievable posh he could clean wineglasses with his voice. He speaks in 1950s BBC english. His long term boyfriend grew up on a council estate in Hackney and speaks like a rude boy. Not only do my mates family not mind this they love the guy. To the point of taking him in and allowing him to live with them when he got kicked out of his home and became a homeless junkie prostitute. On top of this, the entire family suffers from some form of hereditary illness brought on by over inbreeding in the past. Due to this my mate is so badly manic depressive he has to go to a special school, which probably saved him years of being bullied as a posh boy
(Sun 18th Sep 2005, 19:31, More)

» That's when I knew it was over...

I knew it was over when
he finally stopped struggling
(Fri 22nd Jul 2005, 1:44, More)
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