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» Petty Sabotage

Phones + Computer fun
Many things can be done with the phones and computers in our place:

Blu-tack the handset down works really well. My boss nearly knocked himself out with the phone!

Change the phone system to replace your bosses name with twunt so it appears in the Index - or change your name to something really stupid then phone your boss

Use spare handset and hide phone's handset off the back of the desk. Then ring the person and laugh as their phone drops to bits!

We set I.E. to any NSFW site if anyone leaves their PC

A screenshot of the desktop is set as a backdrop, then move most (but not all) of the icons out of the way. Entertaining as Outlook works, but I.E. doesn't

First post, eeek!
(Wed 4th May 2005, 13:08, More)

» Easiest Job Ever


(Thu 9th Sep 2010, 12:30, More)

» Picky Eaters

Picky picky picky
Just been reading all these answers thinking how odd/nutter/why? (delete as appropriate) until I read about green apples.

I love them but cannot bring myself to eat a red apple as, obviously I'll fall asleep for 100 years and I dont really want some chancer of a handsome prince tounging me on the pretence of waking me up, the big gayer!
(Fri 2nd Mar 2007, 16:35, More)

» Famous people I hate

Just to beat Monty then - David Bowie
Complete shite, can't sing, never in human kind has anyone had a higher opinion of themselves.

David, please fuck off with your fucking alien "wife" and DO NOT, under any circumstances, ever "sing" again (or appear on TV, radio, internet, planet)
(Thu 4th Feb 2010, 12:45, More)

» Pet Peeves

Peeves - a SportsCow TM rant
Having sat and read through many a peeve/rant I now feel compelled to contribute my own

My dog. Maddie (bless her!) is getting on a bit and has dodgy knees. However, being a great big softie she refuses to sleep downstairs and instead drags herself upstairs when I go off to bed. Normal service for this is:

Maddie (ignores)
MAddie (ignores)
MADDie (ignores)
MADDIE! (stands up and snorts at me)

Maddie (gets halfway through living room door then stops, meaning I cannot shut said door)

Maddie (moves a bit further, door bangs on dog-arse)

Maddie (points to stairs - no response)

Maddie (walks to base of stairs, looks up, then walks past)

MADDIE! (dog-harrumph then starts tortuous journey upstairs. Stops at stop sideways, blocking stairs)

Maddie! (dog-harrumph II - moves slightly allowing access to bedroom)

This happens every night! WHY!?
(Wed 7th May 2008, 13:32, More)
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