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Christ knows what to put in here...

I left myself logged in. How silly. This, however, does not detract from my overall wonderfulness.

My MSN addy is bbbroozaAThotmailDOTcom (I think)

I'm male, 21 and from The NORTH. I am 74% shit, according to emmathegirl's "you're-shit-o-meter"

I've also got a gold star from Mistress Sp@m for being such a good boy

Teh /talk Insomniac Club


Fuck it, I'll stick my last.fm stuff up too

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I wrote this poem about paws cos she is aces:

Paws Paws Paws
Why the big?
Big as a bee
Sat in a tree

Paws Paws Paws
Sat in a tree
Eating kentucky

Paws Paws Paws
Lovely to see
Like a marsupial
Sat in a tree

Paws Paws Paws
Sat in a tree
Thanks for the trifle
Thanks Aimee

Song about Mistress Sp@m

5,000th post


Well, u-- um, can we come up and have a look?

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Sex Drive90.48%75.2%75.05%Monks are envious
Straightness14.81%39.55%30.65%Knows the other body type like a map
Dominant85%86.9%86.33%Afraid to cross at "Don't Walk" signs
Submissive88.89%87.27%90.18%Submits to no one... almost
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» Personal Ads

May as well join in with the HoN posts
Here's mine:

(Wed 19th Sep 2007, 0:48, More)

» Accidentally Erotic

not quite on topic
but I was stuck behind a car the other day, and I was SURE it said it was a "Skoda Labia"....
(Thu 2nd Feb 2006, 13:33, More)

» Heckles

Not so much a heckle -
At an Iron Maiden gig, 3 years ago. Funeral for a Friend were opening (for what reason, I have no idea).

They got very few cheers in total all night. First when they announced that it was their last son, the second when they'd finished the last song and they were leaving.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that that would be the end of it, however, they got their biggest cheer of the night when the roadies took their sign down from above the stage.

That'll teach em for singing about orcs all night.... And for being Welsh...
(Fri 7th Apr 2006, 18:35, More)

» Fancy Dress

Not me, but my dad
My dad once went to a halloween party dressed as a zombie... nothing special there, you might say, he had the usual, green facepaint, ripped shirt... and a liver attached to his shirt, actual liver, fresh from the butchers.

Needless to say, by the end of the night it started to smell a bit, made worse when people decided to throw chunks of it at each other...
(Tue 17th Jan 2006, 15:28, More)

» I Quit!

Ask me again in a week...

(Fri 23rd May 2008, 16:48, More)
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