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» Stalked

well.... ive never stalked, or been stalked...
but living in the beautiful idyll that is jersey, u get to hear and see tales of the most insignificant crimes on the local news. So many years ago now i was watching the news one evening when a report came on about a woman walking hom from a club in the town who had been followed along a certain route for over half an hour, and police would like to hear from witnesses.

Hey... thought i... i was walking that route at that time, then i remembered the woman who had been walking up the road some 100 yards ahead of me.

This same thing happened twice more in total... it was during a period of unemployment, when i used to get bored with late night tv and go for long late night walks just for something to do.

lesson learned; get a job, get a proper sleep pattern.
(Sun 3rd Feb 2008, 13:19, More)

» Hidden Treasure

Well, I used to do removals for a living.
and we found all sorts of things. From a shit in a bag at the foot of a bed, to 5 grand hidden in a piano, to a lump of weed and some skins down the side of a sofa we were dumping. Then there was this posh woman who had about 200 photos of her anal piercing, the list goes on and on.

[Edit] oh, yeah, ample kiddie porn too. I even kept some from a 70s dutch publication that I found on the wardrobe of a local politician (read; ammunition)
(Tue 5th Jul 2005, 23:59, More)

» That's when I knew it was over...

Probably about a million occasions
but here's some of the better ones.

There was the job that I knew was over when I woke up 2 hurs late on a saturday, hence not making it in, fired on the monday, there's a premonition for ya.

There was my recent girlfriend of 4 years, whom I predicted (oddly about 4 years ago) would eventually realise she wanted to be more independant, guess waht words sprang from her outh only a few months ago.

Many years before that though there was the knock on the door, followed by forced entry, to find me in my living room surrounded by the hundreds of cartons of ciggies me and a friend had boosted from a corner shop the night before.

Then just this weekend, I get a call from my current girl while she was at the pub to say "did you really sleep with so and so?" I only told her the truth cos I'd been trying to figure out how to get rid of her for the past month, and was glad of fate offering me the opportunity to do it on my behalf.

Ahh, freedom.
(Wed 27th Jul 2005, 1:32, More)