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I'm back! Bet you didn't miss me, you actual slags.

So I used to look rather like this (courtesy of bilbobarneybobs):

However things have changed, and I now look a little normal-er (still pretty ugly though).

On returning to the board, I hereby promise to uphold the values of b3ta, take the chronic piss out of those deserving it, and hopefully post some woosome images. I can promise at least one out of three of these aims.

The Deagostini Project
I am single-handedly making as many people as possible look at this site. People who I have successfully hijacked are listed below, along with their response :)

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I'm a marauder on Captain Wow's ship of d00m:


3000th post!

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» Worst Nicknames Ever

My surname is Marks. My dad and I share the same nickname - Skids. This has since been applied to various things - my old car was known as the Skidmobile, and every time I do something cool or unusual it's regarded as "Skidtastic".

It could be worse I suppose - my previous nickname was Monkeyboy, since I used to climb everything.

I also have a mate called Dave who, when riding home from the pub on his bike, crashed straight into the back of a skip - and ended up in the skip.
He has henceforth been known as Skippy, or "Bush Kangaroo" - the latter has stuck more recently since he went on holiday to Australia.

His brother Chris is about 6 foot, very thin, and stammers over several words in every sentence, making him difficult to understand.
He therefore gets referred to as Boomhauer (the guy from King of the Hill).

Can't think of any more right now.
(Sun 21st May 2006, 11:30, More)