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bioinformatician. currently a phd student at glasgow. male, 30.

also The Alchemist over at e2. yes it's a silly username.

for consistency, audioscrobbler (or lastfm) at http://www.last.fm/user/TheAlchemist

Also, me, vector-ed by in vino veritas. And very well done it is too (and I say that as someone who has never made a vector pic, so has 0 idea how hard it undoubtedly is!):

I don't make many pics, but I do make graphics...

oh, and here's a link to a friend's auto locksmith site:

auto locksmith london

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» I'm an expert

protein topology
(actually, am nearly an expert in many levels of protein structure).

what is protein 'topology', well you are clearly bored enough to be reading this so...

all enzymes are made of protein, and they are folded into different shapes - a bit like origami. I am a bit of an expert in the ways in which they fold (there are around 1000 folds).

cool, eh? (no, I know...)
(Tue 28th Jun 2005, 15:55, More)