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Hello! You must be really bored to be reading this!

After about three years of looking at B3TA on and off I finally decided to join and post stuff.

I'm 21 year old student doing Mech Eng at Surrey Uni.
Have gorgeous girlfriend at uni.
Been with her for about a year.

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» When I met the parents

Her mum was nicer
I was seeing this girl, not the best looking but i wasn't picky at that time. I went round her house for dinner one day. They were clearly very well off. it was a big house. Her dad was quite old and the mum was much younger and quite a lot better looking than my bird.
Anyway we had a nice meal and got on quite well with lots of small talk. afterwards the dad and girl cleared the dishes and washed up. this was through two closed doors from the dining room.

Much to my suprise her mum started flirting with me. She then suggested that i came over the next day to "see to her". i thought she was testing my loyalty, so i said this. She said "you want proof?" she quickly slipped under the table un did my flies and gave my cock (by now harder than a coffin nail) a few sucks and a rub.

The rest of the evening went ok and i explained that i had to go home.
Gave her mum a wink on the way out.

The next day i turned up to see her mum as we had arranged and she dragged me upstairs and we had fantastic sex.

Needless to say i didnt see the girl again.
But i did shag her mum a couple more times.
(Tue 24th May 2005, 12:28, More)

» Stupid Tourists

stupid brits
Me and a friend bought a car on ebay for £102 a couple of years ago. We drove it down through europe to the south of italy.
It was a real piece of crap and i had found an orange box from a company called "rent-a-crate" so i cut out the sides and attached them to the front and back of the car.
We got a ferry from the south of italy to Corfu so it was doing rather well already.

In a car park next to the beach the radiator sprang a leak.
This bunch of typically stupid Brits with horrific sun burn came up to us and said we should take it back to the rental company. We tried to explain to them that we owned it and it was not hired but they really were as thich as two short planks, so we gave up trying to explain that it was a joke.

Same car park, some others walked past saying they hadn't heard of the rental company before.

Suppose you had to be there really...
(Thu 7th Jul 2005, 16:56, More)

» Hidden Treasure

Slippery when wet
In my back garden we have an old swimming pool. It hasn’t been used for years so there is about two feet of murky green water in the bottom. There is quite a steep slope leading down into the water which can be very slippery. The neighbours new cat (about 9 months old) found out the hard way just how slippery it is. Me (14 then) found the cat some time soon after it had died. It was so stiff with you could stand it up in and its tail would stick out horizontally!
Me and my friend found this much funnier than the neighbours!
(Wed 6th Jul 2005, 8:53, More)