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Heh, if you want the interesting gossip, you'll allow me the privilidge of being anonymous, huh? ;-D

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» When I met the parents

"Mum, dunno how to tell you this, but, you know my girlfriend, well...."
Well here we go... just created a nice new b3ta account just so I can be anonymous enough to tell this story...

I can't remember clearly when I first met my boyfriend's parents because, you see, I purposefully avoided them and avoided them and avoided them, like the plague, out of a mixture of extreme guilt and embarrassment.

Now, why did I avoid them? Umm, thing is, I had a secret, the kind of secret that we knew wouldn't go down particularly well with his folks, but one they were eventually going to have to be told.

You have to understand that they were fairly fundamentalist Christians, the Dad especially (who was fairly homophobic as well). A bit middle class, very proper. Never the less, somehow, they were very civil to me! Anyway, the secret, which I seem to be avoiding telling, yes, it was 'that' one, the ultimate embarrassing "Trisha" style secret, i.e. we're talking "Hayley from Corrie", the "she once had boy-bits downstairs" secret. :-X I dunno exactly what happened when my BF told them; all I know is, the sh*t /really/, totally, utterly, hit the fan, and big time. Hence, me keeping a wiiiide bearth [sp.] for as long as I could.

Time can be a big healer though, ten years down the line we all get on like a house on fire (no, really!)

They eventually told most of boyfriend's immediate family, who've taken it well I think, but they totally chickened out of telling my boyfriend's Gran! In fact, they just hoped that Gran would pop her clogs in good time, which after a while she eventually did, thereby allow them to circumvent the problem of ever having to tell her (in fear, I gather, of the fact that telling her might actually be a cause of her popping her clogs.)

I gather the extended family still hasn't been told the embarrassing family secret, which could be a problem if me and boyfriend do get married next year, as half the people there are going to be my family, who've obviously all known me since I were a nipper, and therefore all know my skeleton in the closet, and are a right royal gobby cockney bunch, and hence during conversations are likely to induce at least the odd angina attack in some of the groom's family. Ooops.

Anyway, that's a tiny snippet of my admittedly only very /marginally/ relevant story! That is all. I will now resume my normal b3ta account. Normal service will resume shortly. Byeeee! :-D
(Wed 25th May 2005, 19:25, More)