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» When I met the parents

sticky situation
The first time I nearly met my ex's folks, I had spent my first night with her at Uni (without making the beast with 2 backs unfortunately, just cuddling), and then in the morning I was happily feeding the pony, when the doorbell rang. We obviously ignored it, as we had more important matters at hand, when a flatmate knocked on the door and shouted that my gf's parents were outside! Cue mad panic, and my gf shouting that her room was a tip, and could her parents go for a quick walk outside, a likely excuse that they swallowed. As soon as they left, I quickly got dressed and legged it to my flat (next door). Later, she told me her mum joked that they wondered if she had a guy in the room with her...I actually met them a few weeks later after having done the dirty deed with the gf, nice folks they were too.
(Wed 25th May 2005, 4:08, More)