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» Essential Items

This isn't particularly interesting...
...but neither is anyone elses.

A couple of months ago I went to the pub and discovered it was someone's birthday.

Shit. No present.

Quick rummage in bag yielded a twix, a vodka shot twisty thing and a live cd from an acoustic showcase her band was featured in.

Since then I always endeavour to carry
emergency birthday presents....If I see you in the pub and it's your birthday today, you will be getting a recent copy of private eye, a brand new 2006 diary and my favourite nail varnish(unopened).

(Sun 30th Oct 2005, 17:03, More)

» Hidden Treasure

None of these are interesting but feel compulsed to respond
1) Moved into a house at uni, under-stair cupboard full of crap. Landlord said "do what you want with it". There was a knackered bike, which we left outside in the hopes it would get nicked. And it did. And a huge box of unopened letters for previous tenants. 6 tenants had evidentally each joined 3 or 4 Britannia music-type cd buying clubs, ordered 10 cds from each each, then buggered off. Letters started with "your account is overdue", went through, "oi, we'd really like you to pay us for your CDs" to "our solicitors would really like you to pay us" and on to "we're a debt collection company who don't want you to pay us , we'd rather take your organs. Oh and there was a hoover that worked a bit as well.

2) Job cleaning halls of residence one Summer. Cleaning a kitchen with an idiot, who pipes up. "why would someone keep half a stale oxo cube in the fridge ?" Cue me "let's have a look then"...hmmm.."I dunno" (casually pockets small amount of resin)

3) Moved to a new house near home. Housemate's mum comes round with drum of magnetic letters for the fridge...and guess what's in the bottom...Bigger than an oxo cube, this time.

Oh, and I found my soulmate in a park. Which was nice.

Apologies for lack of witty sign off.
(Wed 6th Jul 2005, 23:42, More)