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» Bizarre leaps of logic

When my son was born, we hadn't settled on a name.
Both of our mothers went full bore with the name of a dead relative in mind. My mom's was the best. "Name him Howard, your father shouldn't have lived in vain."
(Sat 14th Dec 2013, 15:14, More)

» Sex Toys

Battery operated toothbrush
Always brush my teeth too hard, so the brush part snaps off sometimes, which I found to be quite advantageous.
(Sat 19th May 2012, 12:42, More)

» Best Films Ever

Deep Blue Sea?
I watched half this awful(?) thing at the theater with my friend. It was obvious that he couldn't stand it, either. I can't recall what idiotic thing occurred onscreen, but I erupted in laughter and I couldn't stop laughing. My friend grabbed me and pulled me out to the lobby. Now I have no idea whether I was going to laugh all the way to the end and see it as a great comedy or not. I suppose someone would have told me to shut up.
(Sat 19th Jul 2008, 15:10, More)