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» Shit Claims to Fame II

Heaven 17 lived in my attic!
Back when I was a nipper, we got a cassette-sized package from Radio Luxembourg through the post addressed to Heaven 17, and my mum said it was for the students that lived in our house who sometimes woke me on a Sunday morning with band practice. As a result, when a band of the same name hit the charts several years later I naturally assumed that they were one and the same group and made a point of telling everyone I could that they used to live in my attic. Skip 20 years, and a colleague was talking about a gig he did when he was in "the original Heaven 17" - the story was that the name had been nicked when they were at a demo session with the soon-to-be-famous Heaven 17 (although a bit of research doesn't seem to back this up).
So it's true, Heaven 17 did live in my attic. Just not that one.
I guess the condom dropped below my bedroom window (which I roundly got blamed for by my mum) isn't worth anything after all...
(FP - yay!)
(Tue 25th Sep 2012, 1:28, More)