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A 486 & paint. Keepin' it real.
(+ cheap. Very cheap)

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» Birthdays

Horrid experience......
On my 16th my "mates" (all much older) chipped in to buy "the kid" a NASTY yard.
I was stood on a stool in the pub and managed to get most of the HORRID drip-tray+tequila+!? down to much applause and hilarity BUT as I did the final swoop upwards I smashed the yard on the ceiling and got plenty of glass in my mouth, nose & eyes.

So it was Blindness/Blood/Vomit o'clock for me. It took them ages to see me at Manchester R.I.
AND Matt Busby died that day.
(Sat 10th Dec 2005, 10:08, More)

» Fire!

Things I have set fire to (By accident):

Self: Far too pissed for public-display I once forgot to extinguish a flaming sambuca before throwing it in the direction of my mouth. Bad.

Girl-friend. Lying in bed watching crap telly after a party. Not concentrating on the hand that was pissing about with a lighter all on its own. Girlfirend + hairspray + flame.Bad.

Crappy sofa bed. Too strong the joint. Too flamable the foam. Nearly very bad.

My mum & dads caravan. Me + Beer led to Electric-Heater + dressing-gown. Baddest of all. They had liked that caravan.
(Thu 3rd Nov 2005, 11:05, More)

» Essential Items

Normally carry round:
A Tuning Fork. "Concert-pitch" A above middle C(440 htz).

For maintining wavelength accuracy in stringed instruments.......and nipples.
(Mon 31st Oct 2005, 17:06, More)