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» Rubbish Towns

Dartford in kent
Famous for our tunnel and the bridge! Shite dug up one-way system circling the boarded up high street. Takes 45 mins to drive the 11 miles up the A2 to get to greenwich. Train to london ( 14 miles away ) takes 45 minutes and costs you over £12.90. Everywhere you look there is a fat person on a mobility scooter ( we have 2 mobility scooter shops ) A town that has 3 pound shops, 2 pawnbrokers 2 Greggs 4 kebab shops a kentucky a mcdonalds and no greengrocers.Even the fancy new proper coffee shop only lasted a few months. I spotted the saturday big issue seller peddling his mag outside the post office in greenwich last week. Even he is now commuting.

I love my town, it sucks hardest and that makes me proud.
(Thu 29th Oct 2009, 13:31, More)

» Getting Old

Realising last weekend that I remember the silver jubilee and exactly what we all dressed up as for the street party. ( doctor who, a Darlek, miss world and a bunny girl )

35 fucking years ago......
I'm ONLY 40.

I was forced to telephone my mum to complain, then shared my pain by asking where she was for the coronation. Cheered me right up that did!
(Fri 8th Jun 2012, 13:58, More)

» Crappy relationships

Well we had dating for a few weeks, he was a few years older than me, about 24 I was 17.
Bill seemed attentive, sensitive, smelled good and looked like an axe murderer ( that's how i like em ) He had a job money and a car and his own place too. All seemed good!
Then I was invited to a neighbours party. An 18th birthday party round someone’s house. My first opportunity to introduce him to my chums! It was your usual house party. Couples in the bedrooms, spliffs in the kitchen, drunk people dancing to Wham and vast amounts of booze. I knew most of the people there, but bill knew none of them. I had been chatting with my girly chums in the front garden while Bill ( i thought) was spliffing it in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden bill pulled up outside in his car. He got out and was carrying one of the pair of samurai swords he had hanging on his bedroom wall. He stood on the pavement and did some godawfulembarrasing ninja swordfoolery accompanied by squealy ninja type nnngggggggggggggggg noises.
Now I’m not one to blush, but fuck me I was glowing with shame. It took me quite some time to calm mad bill down and get him to go back home as opposed to ninja slicing his way thru the entire party crowd. I still to this day have no idea who upset him or how.... but that was the last time I saw bill. It scared the shit out of me and I hid indoors for 2 weeks worried I was gonna get ninja sworded for telling him it was over.
I found out a while later that bill was actually a loony psyco who tended to get stabby slicey for no apparent reason and had used his swords on many occasions.
Im just pleased i didnt invite him home for Sunday dinner.
(Fri 22nd Oct 2010, 13:32, More)

» Professions I Hate

Private Parking Attendants / Officers / Cunts
Those total scumbags who lurk around silly little private car parks issuing their 80 quid fines then towing you off in under 3.5 nanoseconds slapping another 135quid charge on you.

Its not legal you know.... but i bet lots of innocent parkers end up paying.

DONT DO IT!! It only encourages them.
(Thu 27th May 2010, 12:43, More)

» Theft

cowboy loony killer builder from hell
i was just mob handed robbed by my x builder from hell! He built me two walls for an extension, overshot his quote by 3 days, worked really really slow, wandered off and did stuff i had told him didnt need doing. When I finally paid him up and told him to go because all my money was gone and I still needed to pay for the roof to go on, he said " ok then."
Then proceeded to tell my roofer " IF YOU DO ANY MORE WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE I WILL KILL YOU ALL .. THIS IS MY JOB AND IM EXPECTING 3K OUT OF THESE PEOPLE " He then phones me to tell me IF YOU PAY THE ROOFER FOR ANY MORE WORK I WILL KILL YOU ALL" So we all laugh nervously and the roof guy does my roof. Well he starts doing my roof, till X Builder turns up mob handed with a van full of thugs and proceeds to steal all his tools from my living room. Police called, injunction got ( £240.00 )evil builder arrested, denies robbing the tools, then shows up to strangle my roofer guy on another job, police re-called builder re arrested, still no tools found. 6 weeks in and I am 2 days away from being finished, longest 1 week job evah!! and yes, its not funny at all...
(Fri 8th Nov 2013, 10:59, More)
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