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Welcome to my profile!


That's me done ............

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Repost does this count??

(Mon 2nd Oct 2017, 23:51, More)

Pearoast for challenge:-

.edit - wow cheers for FP
(Wed 6th Sep 2017, 23:40, More)

Too soon - hull ??

(Sun 2nd Mar 2014, 13:44, More)

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» I'm an expert

Bolloxing things up.....
Especially my first posts on the board...
(Wed 29th Jun 2005, 0:43, More)

» LOL Bigots

I was in the supermarket a couple of years ago.....
perusing the fruit to make my selection. There was a sweet little old lady next to me who suddenly said "The bananas are smelly today" to which I replied "Yes they are a little" and then she retorted "It's because of those darkies that pack them you know" - Bless her !
(Tue 26th Feb 2013, 12:07, More)