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» Stupid Tourists

On a recent vist to the continent...
...well, on the way back, a friend and I were talking to guy from Texas on the coach to Calis, and he was asking about how to get to 'Tur-key'.

Anyway, after further investigation and slight bewilderment on my part that he was coming to England in the first place. It turned out that he was actually talking about Torquay.

Oh, how we laughed (at him).
(Wed 13th Jul 2005, 15:48, More)

» Accidental innuendo

My aunt went into a news agency...
before leaving she realised that she had forgotten to buy a tv listing magazine (The TV Quick).

Anyway before she leaves the shop she says:
"Oh by the way, I forgot; can I pay for a Quickie please"

The shop proprietor responce:
"You can have one for free, love".
(Thu 12th Jun 2008, 21:29, More)