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» Oldies vs Computers

Oh dear....
I work on an IT Helpdesk for a hospital, so I get quite a few phone calls from nurses and members of staff who have no clue how to use PCs.

We get the usual mix of password problems, people who can't turn the PCs on etc etc, but every so often we get one that makes us stop and think "How the hell are you able to breathe without somebody to remind you?"

For example, every so often we have a consultant ring up with password issues. To make it nice and easy we set the password to "hospital", only for him to look confused and say "How do you spell that again?" My God, this person is responsible for major surgery and can't even spell "hospital"?

Other examples include the admin staff in medical records, one of whom our Desktop team caught using the mouse as a foot panel, and another who was pressing the mouse on the screen to get the cursor to move...

More to come, but I try to block them out when I put the phone down...
(Tue 26th Sep 2006, 17:11, More)

» Best Films Ever

It started when I was in school, on the Sci Fi channel
Mystery Science Theatre 3000-

It takes bad films, and adds a layer of commentry from 3 guys (well 1 guy and 2 robots) who mercilessly take the piss out of the films' content. Awesome.

For a few highlights, look for "Space Mutiny", "Clonus- The Parts Horror", "Deathstalker", "Quest of the Delta Knights", "Manos the hands of Fate" and "Santa Claus conquers the Martians".
(Thu 17th Jul 2008, 17:12, More)

» Inappropriate crushes

Cartoon ladies!
Both the Caramel Bunny, and Jessica Rabbit...


My first crush (aged about 5) was on Michela Strachan in Wackaday, but I don't feel guilty about that. I'd still give her a sympathy shag even though she's a bit older now.

Oh yeah, and also my art teacher in secondary school, Miss Waterhouse. She used to wear loose tops, and no bra. When she leaned over the art tables, half the class would fall off their stools to get a better look.
(Fri 29th Sep 2006, 16:43, More)