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...is a somewhat embarresing predicament..

(Thu 7th Feb 2002, 15:19, More)

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» How nerdy are you?

..i'm getting a QR Code tattoo done that says "1337" when I scan it on my phone

I'm hacking my N95 to update a facebook app with my GPS coords

I have a USB toy attached to my server that flaps its wings when people visit my site - I coded it and still giggle when it goes off

I own 3 lasers and am trying to use them to write rude words on clouds

I can send email just using telnet (and have done)

*deep breath*

I figured out the solution to a particularly annoying Perl problem whilst having sex *and* stopped to write it down

yeah i'm done
(Thu 6th Mar 2008, 18:38, More)

» Lost...

few months back i popped into town for a few brews with some friends. Being a bit bored on the bus, i took my nice new 300 quid mp3 player with me.

On the way home, i wasnt bored (others came back wioth me). Got off the bus and then realised "fuck, i had a bag didnt i?"

Contents of bag:
1 £300 mp3 player (never to be seen again)
1 small bag of weed (also, not seen again)
1 small bag of pubic hair, in a clear plastic bag with a stamp and address label on (2 weeks later turned up at my mates house in sheffield CUNTS!)

phoned the bus depot up and explained the contents to them. Nada. Bag never seen again... obviously the gits that took it decided to rub it in by posting the bag of pubes...
(Tue 7th Dec 2004, 11:16, More)

» Pure Ignorance

spakker boy
He tried to explain to us how infinity was equal to 1.
His sister sat at the top of the stairs holding her breath because she "didnt want to breath too much"
he once crapped in the swimming pool at school. and on a radiator
He broke his leg jumping out of a window for a PC game. On the cast his dad wrote "jason you are such a rondey(sic)", realised it was misspelt and scrubbed over the top to correct it. However, he wrote in pencil and obviously forgot you can rub it out..
Him, his mum and cousin took the dog for a walk through a rapeseed field. He turned to his cousin and said "whenever we come him mum cries because of the rape". She has hayfever.

Definitely some dud genes there
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 15:12, More)

» Obscure Memorabilia

i have
a pepper pot (nicked from wetherspoons) that we gave to rick waller (yes, the man himself!) at a local river festival thing.
I've still got it, you see. He wasnt interested in keeping it.

fat git.
(Fri 5th Nov 2004, 9:30, More)

» Have you ever started a fire?

..we tried to blow my mates balls off with a lighter and deodorant. Theres a video here(284k wmv file)
(Tue 2nd Mar 2004, 23:19, More)
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