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» My sex misconceptions

spunk is not pink
Well i was told by Ralph Breakaway that spunk is pink, 3 kids later i know its not.
(Mon 29th Sep 2008, 20:06, More)

» Unemployed

Kunts at Kollege
Well where do i begin? no appraisal for 4 years? being left to go feral without a line manager for 3 years?

They were great times, leaving to go home at 12.00 all the stuff you could steal(many nice things). Great people there too. The kids were allright on the whole as well.

Just one problem(well 2 actually) Fat Jabba The Hut noisy cake scoffing bully, and dopey Irish fella who was her marrionette.

Can you guess where?

BTW im having a great time now!
(Fri 3rd Apr 2009, 14:04, More)