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Hello all

I've just finshed writing up my PhD thesis so I've felt too guilty to post much...

but here's my C-through PO

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"I'm sorry sir, I know it must be quite disappointing, but this is all I was told to deliver to you"

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*GROAN*...ing foam:

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Various comp entries:
Real-life corporate logos:

Clicken fur IMAX-stylie BIGGERER

David Hasselhoff's extra-curricular activities:
Pool Hustler

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"If everything adults told us came true"
Fluffy has gone on holiday...

...and he may like it so much that he'll never return!
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And here's my first post (a Penguins v monkeys comp. entry):

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This is awful:

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Incidentally, my thesis is on a type of coating based on Al2O3, also known as sapphire, or "corrundum".

Woo yay for corrundum!


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I was on a train from London to Leeds when I overheard some american ladies who were scrutinising their UK Guidebooks with some consternation. They were clearly just coming to the realisation that the famous castle they were travelling to see was actually in Kent.
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