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» Missing body parts

I started losing my hair at about 22 - im now as bald as a baby (with no hair just in case you ask!!)

I also lost my 4th and 5th knuckle on both hands after fighting as a beer drinking yoot many years ago.

ive lost 3 teeth down to fighting (god im ashamed of that now!)and have quite a lot of titanium in my leg that replaced bone after a 'car' accident - (i jumped over one after a 'few' beers and smashed my leg up)

That is all
(Wed 7th Jun 2006, 10:14, More)

» My Greatest Regrets

The one and only regret i have
Is not investing in that 'idea' when i was 22 - The rest of the investee's have made a fucking obscene amount of money - not that im bitter.

I have been knobbing one of the investee's wives for several years...

Not sure that makes up for it...
(Tue 10th Oct 2006, 14:42, More)

» School Sports Day

My school sportsday
This story is not so much about the day itself, but about the last 25 years of my life - You see i used to have a recurring dream about being on my primary school field on sports day - but oddly just sitting on the spectators steps - anyway - years have past and i managed to scare myself in Greece when i climbed to the top of a huge castle and looked down a crevis which seemed a mile deep - it shit the life out of me - Since that day the dream i have is me falling down the middle of those sports dayt steps and never being able to get out again ! - hence now i cant go near stairs that you can see through ! shit story huh - i'll get my coat
(Wed 5th Apr 2006, 17:07, More)

» Essential Items

in my pockets
i carry a card case (with 1 card)
cheque book (with 1 spare cheque)
some bonus bonds (about 25 quid)
HMV voucher for 20 quid
2/3 eaten packet of rennie
canon mints (in a case with canon emblazzened onit)
my life on some string (quite short string)
an old condom (never used)
keys for my pad
Rohypnol (for those nights in)
picture of my ex ex girlfriend (for mastabating)
hmm thats it
(Mon 31st Oct 2005, 16:22, More)

» That's when I knew it was over...

I knew it was over
When i picked her up and threw her down my stairs - and followed that up by chucking her suitcase at her . . .

Needless to say i had a bit of a guilt trip - i suppose the fact she threw my television and brand new Sony Vaio laptop out the window warrants an act of madness?

doesnt it ?
(Thu 28th Jul 2005, 8:46, More)
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