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I love a sunburnt country
A land of sweeping plains
That's why I live in Melbourne
Where it always bloody rains

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» Pet Stories

I'm a long time lurker, very recent poster & slave to two wonderful border collie cross doggies and 3 disapproving cats.

All of my pets are rescues, I'm one of those bleeding heart types that needs to save the world. My husband has now unfortunately put a cap on the number of pets we can have in the household since I brought the last cat home (she followed me, I swear!! They all follow me...).

We've had Roggie - our border collie X we're guessing blue heeler since he was a puppy, he's around 5 now & causing quite a bit of trouble with dog on dog aggression. We're currently in rehab & hopefully with a bit of perseverence we'll have him snuggling up to small little furry creatures at the dog park in no time. Roggie's favourite past times include gnawing on chicken frames, drooling while watching you eat, chasing the cats, and barking at other dogs. Roggie loves broccoli and mushrooms, so much so that we've considered substituting his usual liver treats we use at training for little slices of button mushies! He's also very good at standing guard at the barbie while we're grilling snags. What a good watchdog he is! By the way, my husband named Roggie. Yes, I'm aware it's a stupid name. My husband has been banned from naming the kids.

Our girl, Bella, is approximately 3 & a border collie cross kelpie. She was dragged kicking & screaming (read that as she all too happily leapt into our car & practically turned the ignition on herself to get away from the place) from the RSPCA in August last year. We wanted Roggie to have a playmate, (um, I wanted to get a doggy for myself anyway) and took a while to source a doggy that would have a complementing temperament plus have pretty much the same activity level as Roggie. Bella was the perfect lady for the job. She's absolutely mad, hyperactive, and completely devoted :) She's a total star at obedience training & I reckon she's going to make an excellent agility dog. She's a mad squeaky fan & is happiest when she's plopped in her dog bed trying to kill her new squeaky. I've learnt to buy the good, expensive, tough squeakies for her! I've also learnt to not buy store-brand tennis balls either, as those also tend to suffer in her jaws! Bella is also a keen swimmer, with no water source or mud pond left unexplored...I've learnt to live with the "wet dog smell" in my car *sigh*

So anyway, on with the pix I promised...please excuse the general crappyness of the images, I'm a terrible photographer armed only with a mobile phone!

Bella doing her favourite "nom nom nom" on a juicy bone:

Roggie, action shot!

Baggins, our neighbourhood watchcat, doing what he does best: looking grumpy because he's just been woken up

Themis, the elder statesman, too fat to actually fit inthe sink for a submish to catsinsinks.com:

Our newbie Mozart (or Mozzie), catching a snooze before she gets evicted from the doggy bed:

Gawd, ok, I've waffled on for ages. Please forgive me, my internal brevity censor has been blinded by all the whizzbang doodads and a blank page to type on :)
(Thu 14th Jun 2007, 18:55, More)

» Barred

John Logie Baird, actually

(Tue 5th Sep 2006, 21:15, More)

» In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces

My Husband is in the RAAF
He got sent to the "sandpit" for three months a couple of years ago, cover story being that they were ski instructors.

Technically speaking, he's a returned serviceman, a war veteran. We love to tease him about his war wound: Tennis elbow from knocking back the coldies.

Those RAAF boys, they could drink for Australia.
(Thu 23rd Mar 2006, 19:05, More)