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But i don't be doing nothing that I must.

I want to paint.

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» Abusing freebies

Sports Almanac
An old man gave me a Sports Almanac from the year 2015 and told me to bet on the winners, guaranteed to win every time. I lost it as quickly as I lost interest.

He called me a butthead.
(Wed 14th Nov 2007, 7:22, More)

» Have you ever seen a dead body?

I'll try to keep it short
In my class for my EMT I did a few shifts observation in the ER and on ambulances.

In the ER I worked on a kid who lost everything lower than his mid spine due to drinking and driving... and crashing. I helped the surgeon in ER surgery but was not allowed in the Operating room to fix the kids skull.

On the ambulance I proved to be an unlucky asset. First day of heavy snow of the year, it offered lots of fun. In one shift we saw three deaths. One was an old man drifter who was dying on a couch, left to suffer a few days before the thieving gargoyles who took him in finally called the authorities. A good source of pain meds. He died when I failed to save him.

Later that day we responded to an amazing call, a shooting... in the face! On the way there we were amazed to see another dead body in the road a block away. The shooter ran out of an alley and got hit by a car.

Oh and a drugged bitch who stabbed her mom, she was mental and kept kicking us in the ambulance. WTF?

Being Alaska, we had a few dozen drunks to respond to.

Sorry for length, I usually make up for it elsewhere.
(Fri 29th Feb 2008, 7:07, More)