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Imogen Heap / Live8
Newcastle Carling Academy, last Saturday. The Delightful and talented Miss Heap steps up to perform her a capella hit, 'Hide & Seek'. She has around her neck one of those piano keyboards that you hold like a guitar.

ME [out of total silence]: "PLAY THAT KEYTAR!"
Audience chuckle...
IMMI [mishearing]: "It's not a guitar, it's a keyboard, a strap-on..."
Audience and performer crease up...

Good gig. Also, I shouted 'YOU IDIOT!' just as Brad Pitt gave a warm hearted appeal for Africa in the Live8 concert at Hyde Park, referring to his impending divorce with Jennifer Aniston. I also did exactly the same in the middle of Spiderman 2 when Spidey tells the lovely Kirsten Dunst that he doesn't love her. Idiot.
(Tue 11th Apr 2006, 1:08, More)