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For some reason people think Cleisthenes is a bird. Not sure why. Pic below is me on Xmas Eve. With the beard. Not the fishies.

Ask me if you are really bothered about who Cleisthenes was.

His Grace The Lord Duckington of Quackquack.

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» Spoooky Coincidence

I dreamt i was having a piss in a pool.
I woke up pissing myself in BlackPOOL.

I shit you not.
(Thu 8th Feb 2007, 19:41, More)

» Never Meet Your Heroes

Mark owen
Met him with my uni housemates in a bar a few years back.

Ended up back at his gaff drinking and chatting. All he wanted to do was shag my friend, so instead he shagged her sister. I spent all night hunting around his crib looking for dope. Not a bit of drugs, though i did find some kind of opium den.

Anyway, he is a veggy so i could only find vweggie food in his fridge. Guys a midget.
(Sat 27th May 2006, 11:36, More)

» My first love

I used to love this girl called Nicola. She wasn`t pretty, nor would she shag. However she passed the time and i started to love her. It all fell apart when i turned on the telly and went " fucking hell, its Nic". Turns out it was Gul Dukat off Star trek.

Binned her fast.
(Mon 24th Oct 2005, 18:09, More)