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» On the stage

I was in a Cinderella spoof play. All the other guys where trying out for the role as prince. I tried out for the role of one of the ugly step sisters. I got the part.
I found a pink dress in the school's lost-and-found box, and made that part of my costume because it fit so well. I bought a red wig and put small balloons to be my breasts. I looked ugly as hell.
The day of the play came, and I dressed up as the sister, and went up on stage. The play was terrible, except for my performance of course. I got the only laughs and people where cheering for me. Someone even wanted my phone number...that stupid ass.
Would I dress up as a filthy ugly sister with balloon tits again? Probably.
(Fri 2nd Dec 2005, 23:26, More)