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» In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces

Not me, im only young..
But my grandfather was in WWII, as most peoples grandfather's here were.
Mine stormed onto that beach thingy, dunno much about it however as he died when I was a wee whipper snapper.
What I do know is that he got some shiny medals, and a stamp book.
Yes, a stamp book.
While other platoons broke into banks and stole all they could, my grandfather stole a stamp book from a german post office!
Why not the fecking gold! I could be rich now!
Damn him.
(Thu 23rd Mar 2006, 23:47, More)

» Awesome teachers

Comic Book Guy
In 2004 the government and Nasuwt decreed that all schools had to make sure teachers would do no more than 38 hours of cover each year. And so was born the position of cover supervisor.
The cover supervisor role required no qualifications however, so my school ended up hiring a guy named Tim Quinn.

He was, in short, excellent. He knew nothing about the classes he covered, but each time a teacher was sick everyone prayed to have him cover the class. For he was not just any minimum wage, unqualified guy telling us to revise. He used to be a scriptwriter, illustrator and editor of such things as The Beano, Bunty, Jackie and Dr Who Magazine. He also worked as an editor for the Marvel Comics Group on Spider-Man, X-Men and the Incredible Hulk.

Classes with him soon devolved into tales of the comic industry, his work in America for Marvel and him drawing cartoons.
He even wrote an article for The Guardian (second article down) about his time at our less than wonderful school.

Learned very little of use, but he definately made an impression that work isn't always boring, and his history showed that with a little passion and enthusiasm you could travel the world doing something you loved.

Best teacher ever, except maybe my French teacher who had a fantastic rack, but that's another story :)
(Sun 20th Mar 2011, 1:52, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Office term hatred
"Lets have a round table to share ideas" Grrrrr

And the rise of computing related self confessed "Technology Evangelists", otherwise known as cunts. (See Steven Feuerstein the PL/SQL Evangelist and Lee Brimelow the Platform Evangelist at Adobe)

One that does make me smirk a little however:
"Lets run this up the flagpole and see who salutes"
(Mon 12th Apr 2010, 21:22, More)

» Well, that taught 'em

More maths payback time
Sitting in maths, second row from the back, you'd expect to be safe from all the usual tomfoolery that happens when your back is turned. Especially if you happen to have 2 of the more geeky sort sat behind you and the chav-type in front of you.

But oh no. One of the geeky sort decides it'll be fun to put his feet on the back of my chair and start pushing my chair forwards and backwards, rocking me about, and carried on doing so for several weeks despite me asking nicely.

So I hatched a plan. I grabbed my mechanical pencil, clicked it a few times to get the led poking out and waited.
The, as I felt a pair of shoes edge closer to my chair...WHACK.
Stabbed the fucker right in the calf.
He cried, I got shouted at and moved across to the other side of the class room.

In the end I sat next to a great guy for the next 2 years with 2 very attractive girls in front. And now me and my chair pushing bully are best friends!
(Fri 27th Apr 2007, 4:11, More)

» How nerdy are you?

I'm more geeky than nerdy I'd say...
But then I see a major difference between nerd and geek. Guess that counts!

But anyway:
I'm a member of an online Blood Bowl game, which is a java version of a games workshop game...
I did used to paint the miniatures when I was younger, but not for many a year now.

I regularly stay up online till 4am programming.
I made a Clippy generator because I was too lazy to shop them every time.
I saw an ASCII reference here too in a bad pun, well I wrote an image-ASCII converter...It does edge tracing (badly) too!

Oh, and to get some maths geekery in there, I have a half done raycaster too. In PHP too, which adds to the pointlessly geeky value!

Did I mention I've been single for 2 years now? Can't think why!
(Fri 7th Mar 2008, 1:56, More)
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