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Hello. I come from America, and live out in the Ohios. I'm a printmaker. I make woodcuts. Some people like my prints. If you fall into that group and would like a print, it turns out to be quite reasonable to ship to the UK. So gaz me -- going rate is typically 10 pounds including shipping, and I usually toss in a couple other prints as well.

My creation date got hosed when B3ta was down. It should be 7/23/2005. Now stop freakin' asking about it.

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» My first love

Well, more about my son...
He was three when i was taking him to tour his preschool. We're walking in and a dad and his little girl, four by my guess, looks at my son, points, and tells her dad "Look daddy! He's my boyfriend! He's my boyfriend!"

The only thing I could think to say was "He never touched her! She said she was eight!"
(Fri 21st Oct 2005, 19:10, More)

» Personal Hygiene

Saturdays are my protests against Hygiene
I refuse to shower and shave on Saturdays. Lucky if I do so on Sunday. Of course, shaving on Monday morning is like trying to cut down the largest tree in the forest with a herring.
(Thu 22nd Mar 2007, 18:08, More)

» I hurt my rude bits

Just the other day...
I was out playing football on Sunday, and someone takes a shot on goal. Cue me catching it an inch or two above my nether regions.

Two minutes later, another shot on goal. This time I was turned 90 degrees, and it bounced right off my hip.

I should have taken the hint, and in the second half took another shot to the crotch, thankfully not full force. Stung for a moment -- but if i was an inch taller I'm sure I'd have doubled over. Played on a bit more even though I was in a bit of pain. No one wants to get sent off like that.

"Hope you're ok tomorrow morning!" my teammates wished.

"It could have been much worse if it wasn't for my enormous cock!"
(Tue 18th Jul 2006, 15:53, More)

» The Police

Country cops can be assclowns
I was, oh, 21 at the time, and my car's back brakes had gone goofy. I was about an hour outside of Piitsbugh Pennsylvania on some country road, and figured I would just sleep the night in the car. About half an hour later, a police car pulls up behind.

"Boy am I glad to see you! I don't know where I am, and my car's broken down"

"Well you can't park it here" where not a soul had travelled past since i pulled over.

He proceeded to threaten to have it towed, as in impounded, unless I moved it. I limped it out of there, and he followed me until I got out of the county.

A couple months later, I get a phone, from someone asking for donations for the policeman's ball or whateverthefuck. "No I'm not giving you any money and here's why, thankyouveryfuckingmuch" to paraphrase.
(Thu 22nd Sep 2005, 22:16, More)

» Tales of the Unexplained

i believe I was six at the time
I remember laying on my bed, under the covers. I had a nightlight on the one side of the room. Anyway, I remember laying on my side, back to the nightlight, trying to fall asleep...

I remember seeing a shadow pop up.. vaguely circular shaped -- can't really describe it. But there was definitely something there. It was just there for a split second and disappeared.

I was terrified, but didn't yell or do anything... I may have but the covers over my head. I don't really recall. Anyway, I calmed down, and it happened again. I want to say it was there for a little longer, maybe half a second or so, and disappeared.

I was paralyzed with fright.

I calmed myself down, but still looked for shadows. Now, one could chalk all that up to my mind playing tricks or whatnot.

Then my bed shook. Not just a little, not like a passing truck might shake your bed. I was off that bed and running to momma like a bolt of lightning. That was almost 30 years ago and it still creeps me out.
(Mon 7th Jul 2008, 22:27, More)
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