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» Injured Siblings

Me and my brothers had an agreement - I wouldn't cry if I got hurt when playing, so long as I was allowed to take out my pain by trying to beat them up.

Now generally this just got me more frustrated as they stood patiently without even pretending to be hurt whilst I drummed at them. So one time when I had been playing with my eldest brother and was in severe danger of crying after thwacking my head, he suggested I use a big cardboard tube to hit him with. We debated where I could hit him and evenutally agreed on the soles of his feet, but with shoes on (it was one of those thick tubes, bigger than your wrist diameter-wise and about 1/2 inch thick cardboard).

So he lay down and put his feet up in the air and I rather tentatively hit them. No reaction, I try it a little harder, still no result. Right. I summon up all of my 7-year old strength, raise the tube above my head and


missed entirely and smashed my brother right in the face.

I threw the tube out of the window and spent the next 3 hours hiding in a cupboard convinced that either a) I'd killed him or b) I hadn't killed him and he was looking for me to get his revenge.
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 15:30, More)

» Injured Siblings

the bench game
I have two older brothers and one of the many games we used to play involved one of us lying on a bed on their back with legs bent, up in the air - it was a bit like a vary un-varied play which the one left not doing anything would sit and watch. Next it was the turn of another to walk up, doing a silly walk of course, and muttering along the lines of "hmm, oh I'm so tired, I wish I could sit down... oh look! A bench... I think I'll sit her... It's quite wobbly isn't it?" cue hysterical giggling all round as we all knew what was coming - the one lying down would wait until they thought they could surprise the other and then straighten their legs as fast as they could and launch them into the air across the room.

A fun game, no?

One time we decided to try it with a 'double bench' of both my (older and bigger) brothers. I was a very small child - and only about 4 or 5 at the time...

'oh, I am tired.. I'll sit h.." WOOSH, SPLAT as I shot through the air, across the room and headfirst into the wall.

We still played it afterwards, but we always put a mattress against the wall first..
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 11:34, More)