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Pfft, I'll write something when I can be arsed..

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» The passive-aggressive guilt trip

I love...
pulling off passive-aggressive guilt trips on teachers. Whenever I get on the verge of a bollockin' from a teacher, I sprout a load of self-loathing bull and normally get away with it pretty easily. Take last week...

I stand in line for my form class (We're not trusted enough to go to the class by ourselves =P), I talk to my mate Otis, who pops out one (of the many) ways to wind me up to high heaven...

"Are you doing Baskeball today?"

I absolutly bloody hate the thing, I just play footie with the basketball and swear alot like usual, so I reply with the witty "Get forked, fork face!" in my geordie-ish twang, but alas, Assistant HeadTeacher Mrs. Evilcow catches me at my little outburst moment.


A- Why are you using language like that?
M- Sorry miss, I just lost it.
(O- Phimselflaughing)
A- Have you been winding him up?
O- Eh? No?
M- He hasn't miss, I've just been stressed out with all the homework I've been getting and I've been having a hard time of it lately.
A(Decides to ignore what I just said) Dont wind him up, Go to form.(Turns to me) Have you been having Family troubles?
M, pretty freaked out- N...o?
A- Ok, Well just go to form.

Havn't been in trouble since, so it isn't that bad =D

Don't complain about length, it's not my fault I have family problems!!!
(Sun 16th Oct 2005, 20:25, More)

» Crappy Prizes

Utter Bollocks.
The only thing I can remember winning was some shite lime green fleece/coat thing when I was 9. I think I gave it to a tramp, I cant remember.

Oh yeah, I also won a reward for "Wearing the most Indie T-Shirts on the tour" on the way back from a skool trip in Belgium. But no prize, unless the embarresment of having to go to the front of a bus packed with 50% Chavs, 25% mates and 25% midgets counts.
(Tue 9th Aug 2005, 13:15, More)