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Never know what to put in these things. Do I tell the truth and have you all sue me for losing the will to live or write a pack of lies that make me interesting but a fake?

The truth is I'm a 32 yr old female teacher at a secondary modern (yay selection - tell kids that useless at age 11 so they know their place early on in life) in Lincolnshire.

Have 4 cats, 3 pot-bellied pigs and an addiction to anything unhealthy for me. Have a black hole where my heart was cruelly ripped out and am filling the space with any crap that I can find.

Will that do?
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» Inappropriate crushes

From the teacher's side...
I had a rather un-nerving convo with an ex-student a couple of weeks ago. Went something on the lines of:
Liam: Hullo Miss
Me: Evening Liam, how's college going?
Liam: Great Miss. Would've been better if I'd passed my ICT though, then I wouldn't have to re-take.
Me: Ah well, never mind Liam. I did try my best in lessons but you just wouldn't get on. I did say you had to do some work.
Liam: It's your fault I failed Miss.
Me: Why's that then?
Liam: Coz everytime I saw you I wanted to put my head between your breasts and wiggle it about like a small bear.

Liam: It's true Miss and I'm not the only one. We loved ICT lessons especially when you were wearing a vest top

Liam: You still there Miss
Me: Wiggle it about like a small bear???

When mentioning convo to my closest buddy who says I'm like his big sis, he turns round and says "God yes, haven't you ever wanted to?". Have now taken to wearing a duffle coat in the classroom...
(Thu 28th Sep 2006, 22:45, More)

» Intense Friendships

I had the last laugh...
Real intense friendship with a lad a year younger than me. We met at nursery school and went through the whole of school together - not always best buddies but when we reached 5th year for me 4th for him it got intense.

So much so that he insisted that we had to see each other every day. If I went anywhere with any other friends he had to come too - this in the end cost me friendships coz they felt like they were being stalked.

This went on till after we left school (he quit a year early to follow me to college and then quit the course he was on to go onto the same course as me...). Then all of a sudden he decided he didn't want to be friends anymore. I had no idea this was coming at all. We had just sat and had tea with his mom and dad and he said "Don't want to see you anymore. Don't come round my house. I want space".

Utterly devastated by this revelation I got up and his dad said "I'll give you a lift home, don't want you walking when you're upset". Upset 18 yr old girlie gets into car with 54 yr old bloke who takes advantage of the situation by parking up on the 3 minute ride home to snog her for 15 minutes to make sure she's okay...

And that began a 6 month affair where I learnt never to trust a clergyman, how to give head to someone driving without hurting your back, and how sweet it is to gain revenge...

Length, girth - not bad for an oldun...
(Fri 28th Jul 2006, 13:34, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

Probably been posted a million times already
but I'm far too tired to read the 23 pages to find out. Seen in several elevators around the country that are made by Schindler, the added " 's Lift".
(Fri 4th May 2007, 19:04, More)

» Going Too Far

Another Scary Dave...
Very bizarre that I have a mate called Scary Dave too - and again he frequently goes too far. He is a respectable(ish) school teacher by day but a beer swilling womaniser by night - no problem with that. Well, no problem till I get text messages in the morning saying "Shagged the Headmaster's daughter up the arse last night - she weren't much cop". He also has a thing about getting it on with the moms of the kids at school. But the worst gone too far moment was when he rang my mate asking for a lift into work and when my mate arrived at the door he was wearing nothing but a posing pouch and a bearskin hat. My mate was traumatised for weeks and I vomited heavily as he described the scene...
(Fri 10th Nov 2006, 15:07, More)

» Running away

Itchy feet still wanna go...
I did the usual running away as a wee nipper where I'd pack my cheese sarnies and head off to the park, wait till it got dark then go home again and no one would've noticed. Then when I got to 19 I did it properly.

Appalling teenage years filled with horror I won't bore you with, but finally had enough when I hit 19 so I ran away. Changed my name by deedpoll and only let an aged aunt know where I was. Went from Tamworth to Nottingham and stayed there for a few years and worked my way through university to become a teacher. Was in a going nowhere relationship that I've stayed in to this day.

When we moved to Lincolnshire I thought things would get better but they didn't. Decided to runaway again. Was all set, decided Manchester was the place to run to and was going to disappear at October half term. Unfortunately, aged aunt had let family know my name and where I was (silly me had kept updating her on my whereabouts due to a guilty conscience about her age). Had a phone call at school in September from my Mom (who had runaway before I had and her running away had caused a lot of my problems)first contact I'd had with her in 13 years. Apparently my so-called father (no contact for 8 years)was dying and needed to see me. Like a fool I went, and I went to his funeral - only to make sure the b*std burnt.

So instead of running away I had a nervous breakdown but did get back in touch with my mom who I now wouldn't be without. But the feet are still itching. I've hung around for another 5 years and things ain't improving so this time I'm definitely running.

Only problem this time is I've fallen in love properly for the first time ever and I don't think his wife will approve of him running away with me...
(Tue 15th Aug 2006, 21:07, More)
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