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(Wed 19th Feb 2003, 22:19, More)

er... this would have made more sense last night
but my server wasn't working :(

(Thu 14th Mar 2002, 11:16, More)

captain oates in suspense theatre

(Tue 19th Feb 2002, 16:40, More)

suspense theatre

(Wed 13th Feb 2002, 16:27, More)

ta!!! w000!!

(Sat 2nd Feb 2002, 18:23, More)

news just in...

b3ta magazine editors completely strapped for ideas.
(Fri 1st Feb 2002, 14:08, More)

hey! come on! kittens aren't evil!!!

i think the evidence speaks for itself!!
(Sat 24th Nov 2001, 12:44, More)

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» When were you last really scared?

A few weeks ago
This is really stupid but here's what happened. I don't have a CD player so use my computer to play CDs, I connect it to an amplifier. But then when I want to play games, I use headphones, so I have to get down behind the computer, unplug the amp, and plug in the headphones. So I was playing a game or something, then decided to put some music on. I turned on the amplifier, started the music playing, and it immediately came out of the speakers... but the thing is, I hadn't plugged the amp in yet... So I'm thinking, how the FUCK is music coming out of the fucking speakers? Either I've just completely blacked out while swapping the cables over, or something really really freaking spooky is happening, like I'm living in the matrix or something and reality actually is just a hoax after all this time, because there is no possible way the music could be coming out of the speakers without having changed the wires over... It was fucking freaky. I tried to keep calm but seriously I could not explain what was happening and I just sat there with this incredibly creepy bizarre feeling like something supernatural had happened. Then I finally figured it out - I wasn't playing a CD, I was playing a record, and the record player has its own connection to the amp. It might seem incredibly stupid but the thing is I hardly ever use the record player, and I'd forgotten that I'd set it up earlier that day to listen to a record. I didn't work it out for about ten or twenty seconds, during which time I was seriously freaked out. Anyway, half an hour later I went to the supermarket, and as I walked there my legs felt like solid fucking rubber, so did my head, and it felt like I had cotton wool in my ears and I felt vaguely like I was tripping or something. The rubbery legs stayed for the rest of the evening, which was quite worrying in itself. I suppose I must have had a massive adrenalin rush when the thing happened and these were the after-effects of it. Anyway, it's a really embarrassingly stupid story, makes me seem like a bit of a idiot, I suppose, but there you go. I'm not always an idiot, only every so often.
(Thu 22nd Feb 2007, 18:49, More)