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New pick taken using a mates Phone.

Sex: Celebacy is a hands on job don't you know
Age: 25
Location: '.u.l.l., North East England
Occupation: I'm working on it, O.K.!

I've done a F;ash thing here for the Local News Comp, it is 1.37meg and there's no loading screen sorry but here it is http://www.vdjomb.250free.com/FlashMooviz/B3taNewsMCR.swf

Click here for my
Tatty Slops

I also now have weblog http://www.20six.co.uk/V_D_J_O_M_B_

Right I've finally decided to update my profile. As I'm running out of
Bandwidth on my site I've cut some stuff from it.

Yes I know I've got big bags under my eyes thank you ;)

My site is in a constant state of construction but seems to be kinda not working boo
and yay. www.vdjomb.com

That'll take you to the main page but there are also some other interesting
parts such as:

My Big Beach Boutique 2 Photo Gallery

My anims

My movies

I'm currently unemployed and awaiting a new life transplant as my other one
walked out the door.

Please fell free to read my
poems and comment on
them in my forum

mailto : doyouswingmrpowers at yahoo dot com

Aim me: VDJOMB


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