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» Injured Siblings

Over the years
I have:

- convinced my younger brother he had to go to school during the holidays because he hadn't learned enough in term time (he was about 6)

- repeatedly convinced him that Spiderman / He Man / The Hulk / current cartoon character of choice was hidden at the end of the garden / in the laundry room / anywhere out of sight, so he would toddle off there and then we'd all hide (he never learned)

- convinced him to let me put make up on him and then take photos

- convinced him he was adopted

- convinced him I'd gone blind (when he was skiving school, and therefore although he was genuinely worried about me, he was too afraid to phone my mum as she'd find out)

Oh, and my friend's sister once wrote "COW" on my friend's back in sunblock when they were on holiday. You have to admire the sheer simplicity.
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 13:54, More)