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I live in the arse of England. Lovely place.

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» Urban Legends

I heard the same thing, but about Marilyn Manson...Of course I believed it considering his...ahem, reputation. I still wonder whether tis true or not
(Fri 6th Jan 2006, 12:40, More)

» It's not me, it's the drugs talking

I myself haven't been stoned many times, and when I have I just lay there twitching and giggling to myself about it, or laughing uncontrollably at my good friend, who gets high at any opportunity. Here are a few tales of this friend...

Once she thought an old mans head looked like a hand, of course it was actually a hand, not a head. She was in hysterics for hours about it.

She decided that my boyfriend should get a belt for his hat.

She said 'It's Grayham over Russia!!' When she stumbled across a chessboard, then began commenting on how much women are like windmills.

Most recently she made Jordan out of a pair of sunglasses, spot cream, and a bottle cap and thought a tissue was an ornamental sheep. She also went completely mental and whitied and doesn't have any memory after this of talking to her brothers wife about how her boots are made of vegetables.

I guess you had to be there really *:) ...Not bad for a first post methinks.
(Tue 20th Dec 2005, 16:53, More)