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went through a faze of removing various body parts but its now passed

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run scruffy run

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this is
my pet frog riding my pet cat as caught on my cctv
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» Fire!

one saturday afternoon i was board at home alone, i was about 13 or 14 at the time. Being a pyromaniac by trade i decided to go and search my sisters room for some sort of fire making device matches lighter i wasn`t fussy. After pretty much rooting through all her draws i found a clipper lighter unfortunatly it was empty.
knowing there wasn`t any gas about from a previous saturday afternoon search i looked for a alternative what i found was i large can of hair spray. So i removed the nozzle and started filling the lighter but saddly the can just leaked every where without me realising.
After couple of minutes "filling" i decided to try the lighter and as you can guess on the first sign of a spark i went up and so did the can carpet bed sheets etc.
I managed to put out all the fire and replaced the sheet but the carpet was 2 months old and fucked so i cut a square out using a 12 inch album as a template, and using the same template cut some off an offcut left in the cellar it didn`t work i just screwed it up even more and made it so the insurance wouldn`t pay out. They said it looked deliberate.
Oh and my mum and dad almost tied me to a steak and reignited me
(Sat 5th Nov 2005, 20:52, More)