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» Fire!

I am the god of hellfire and I bring you....
When I was around 8 or 9 years old I went to my friend's house across the road. For a while we played on his Amiga but soon grew weary and wandered to the garage for entertainment. Originally I think we were looking for an air rifle or something that legend had it was in there. Anyway we came across a case of aerosol cans and found some matches.
It was of course natural to create makeshift blow torches and exterminate the 'pests' of the garage in a blaze of glory. We were going after a mouse (we were only 8) under the cupboards but just scorched everything around instead. We then attempted to write our names and set fire to them - this didn't work. And then to burn his sister's dolls - this did work. At the end the garage had the odd smell of a bouquet of flowers mixed with acrid burning plastic - surely the smell of victory.
We thought we had got away with it, my parents came to pick me up and were just walking up the drive when, oh noes, my friends mum went, "hang on, James (his name), why have you not got any eye-brows". The fire had singed them all off!
I was grounded for a month :(:(:(
(Mon 7th Nov 2005, 10:14, More)