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I am Cane and I like bikes.

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(Wed 2nd Nov 2005, 10:21, More)

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» The passive-aggressive guilt trip

My Nan.
I visited her in hospital while she was suffering from a lung infection.

"I'm sorry, I'm not much company dear." She wheezed "Why don't you go."

I left and the rotten bitch died an hour later. Still, I got loads of cash from the will.
(Fri 14th Oct 2005, 9:40, More)

» Shame

The beer didn't taste quite right
I used to meet a mate in the pub most weekends. We'd chew the fat, talk about the normal things blokes in pubs talk about. Sport, work etc..

Every time he bought a round my drink tasted somewhat bitter. Possibly the guilt that I was fucking his wife :-/

Sorry Pete.
(Sat 26th Nov 2005, 10:15, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

Yes - all the time
I had my first 'punt' when I was 17. A cheap brass in East London. From that moment on I was hooked [pun].

Despite having wives and girlfriends over the years I've always treated myself to at least four punts a year. The great thing is that you can have something different every time if you want. Tall, short, thin, fat, black, white, yellow, young, old and also choose the type of service you want. I love fucking girls up the bum so as this isn't always on the menu at home I often pick girls who offer this service.

It's not 'sad' or 'desperate' it's a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that I can honestly recommend.

Prostitution is by far the cheapest sex you will ever have. See www.punternet.com for details
(Fri 20th Jan 2006, 8:30, More)

» I Quit!

I didn't quit but I sacked a useless cunt.
"Steve, get your stuff and fuck off"

He cried

I felt great
(Thu 22nd May 2008, 12:41, More)

» Fire!

I'd just split up with my wife.
I'd lost my house, was living in a friends spare room with my clothes in bin bags. The only thing I had was a half decent car.

The cunting thing caught fire while I was on the M11.

Bad week.
(Fri 4th Nov 2005, 13:14, More)
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