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I am now living in sunny essex in Rayleigh with the lovely MrsCrazyJude and werking in south Essex. (uk) i'm a member of the 1974 club. i'm a lady don'tcha know.

if an emergency occours i can be reached on jude underscorethingy evans at hotmail dot com

if your really bored i'm on myspace.com as crazyjude too, and facebook.

somedays i like to just sit and stare out of the window. this mainly happens when i'm supposed to be driving.

i do do piccies but they are poor so you won't see many until i get better.

All my hosting died so you can't see any of my pics until i find them again and host them somewhere else.

DTH made me a poem

There was a young lady called Joood,
Whose nipples were mangled and chewed,
Her bum was serrated,
red-raw and grated
and other bits . . . well, just too rude! C];0)

Malchick made me one too

Jude Jude she's quite rude
Never introduce her to a prude
Likes to play with false protrudes
(Yes that last line is quite crude)
Thats our lovely lovely Jude

I have been zombified by the very wonderful happy toast

I have had a wonderful picture drawn by Lord Otterby

I have been drawn by butters:

I have been pixelated too by foldsfive:

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ok i finally made a pic and as it's my first i'm going to put it in here so yah boo sucks.

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» My computer gave away my secrets

had to clean my dads pooter as it regularly crashed
found far to many autocompletes for dogging

both in this country and abroad where my parents go on holiday

still makes me shudder
(Fri 10th Feb 2006, 16:38, More)

» Heckles

not sure if it fits in the subject but...
running a pub in maidenhead, busy saturday.
i knew most of the customers in the area having looked after most of the pubs around at some point, so knew who could cause trouble. half caste bloke came in who i knew as a bit of a handful but we got on ok. he got a bit drunk and started on some of the guys watching the footy. got louder and louder so i turned to him from behind the bar and asked him politely to leave.
"is it becos i is black" he shouts, trying to be funny and get a rise out of me.
"no, it's because you is stupid" i retort into a now silent pub
at which point he shrivelled visibly into his pint as the entire pub pissed themselves and then he left.
made my day it did.
(Mon 10th Apr 2006, 17:21, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Yeah yeah I married the sister of a fellow b3tan 2 years ago
And loads of b3tans turned up for the wedding.
But I have met some of the nicest people I have ever made friends with through this forum and some of the wrongest people too. But most I love. Some of the bashes have been great! Good times!
Thank you Rob, Cal, Denise and all x
(Tue 13th Sep 2011, 16:07, More)

» Missing body parts

i went out with a woman in bristol
who had lost her thumb in an industrial accident (not the funny bit).
she had two prosthetic thumbs made - one for work and a best one for going out, as you do.
so we went out for her mums birthday to some irish pub in bristol town centre (it was 1999, they were trendy then) and got very very drunk.
we were kicked out at 2 when it closed and got taxi's home.
wake up next morning and nic says "did you see what i did with my thumb?" to which i reply why would i know where your thumb was.
in the end the phone call to the bar went something along the lines of...(cos my gf was a c*nt and wouldn't do it)

me: hi, i was in last night and my girlfriend lost something really strange and i wondered if it had been handed in.
barmaid: what was it, i'll have a look in lost property.
me: her thumb
barmaid: ... i'm sorry?
me: a prosthetic thumb, it's the whole thumb.
barmaid: is this a windup?
me: no it's a £750 prosthetic limb - just a small one.
barmaid: sorry no, i think we'd have noticed that.

so there you are - we never found it so someone in bristol now has a spare thumb...
apologises for length about such a small thing
(Tue 6th Jun 2006, 15:21, More)