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UNK! well no not really. not much to say, like metal and fantasy. Have a cat. Have some fish. also ride a nice shiney orange and black CBR600, which is feat in itself as im only 5ft tall, oh and in case your wondering im ver much female.

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» Karma

karma cat...
once my uncle brought a friend over, who was quite taken with our then cat Oscar, calling him a big gay boy and all. Now oscar was possibly the biggest domestic cat youd have ever met. Not fat, Just massivly built. But he was a soppy big boy (RIP i still miss you buddy.) So my uncles mate lets Oscar sniff his fingers, Oscar then commences 'you now belong to me licking' and this guy says to him:

'you know i pick my nose with that finger?'

que sniggers at the silly cat.

i replied: 'you know he licks his bum with that tongue?'

que helpless gales of laughter and possibly the most funny, on the ball, witty remark i ever retorted with.

me and Oscar (and karma)1 - uncles cat-laughing-at-mate 0....

not hugley karmaric but it was funny cos he'd spent some of the evening calling Oscar a big gay boy....
(Fri 22nd Feb 2008, 8:59, More)

» Stalked

I guess after reading everyone elses stories im plucking up the courage to tell mine. It happened a few years back when i was about 19. I had joined a chat room and was getting on fairly well with the small community. All were older than me by at least 8-10 years so it was filling a small family gap missing in my life.

One guy, im going to call him Al, as im too frightened he might find me again, made a move on me at a party we had all gotten together for. I made it quite clear that i wasnt that sort of girl and i was wayyyy to young for him to be even thinking about. ANyway what followed for the next 9 months was the worst tie in my life. He would text me, right me letters, email me, get me on msn. His ploy was to tell me what an utter usles waste of space and air i was. How much my family hated me and i should just die because nobody cared. Now i wasnt one to take this seriously but he so bombared me with this kind of talk for so long with no one the wiser to it going on that i eventually tried to do away with myself.

Eventually i changed all my computer names, burnt the mail, ignore the phone and he stopped. But not before that man had taken every shred of dignity and self esteem i had. I became agoraphobic for many years after, and completley cut myself off for years from anyone but my family. I look back and i still cant laugh at it, i never will. He was pure evil. Ive got some of my life back now but i have few social skills and the only thing i trust now is my cat Mooks.

So if you ever do read this i know you wont know its you but i hope that someday everything you believe in will be taken from you and every shread of self will be mutilated and burnt. you son of a bitch i hope you die in a dark hole with no one to care and a homless man pissing on your withering body.

Sorry for the seriousness folks but i had to get that off my chest... As for the length, how about pert boobs instead??
(Mon 4th Feb 2008, 14:26, More)

» Have you ever seen a dead body?

The worst day of my life.
Was the first week of april 2005. I got a call off my mum whilst at my bf's house saying my baby Oscar was sick. They had rushed him to the emergency vet. Three days later i got the call i dreaded most. It was time to let him go. He was 9 years old and his kidneys were failing fast. I held him close as they injected him with barbiturates, and all those programs and care sheets which say its just like going to sleep.... you all fucking lie. He screamed and he screamed and then lay down in my arms and went limp. We put him in his favorite blanket and into a little coffin and took him home. I took off his collar and hung the name tag from a silver chain which even to this day still hangs around my neck. Ill never take it off.

His body was so peacfull in the end it took me months to come to terms with the death of the little guy who was my best friend from the age of 10. We had grown up together, and later as i got older and got sicker Oscar had saved my life on two occasions.

I know Oscar is up there now, but i also know ill never be over him and every so often i look forward to the day ill join him. He might have just been a cat but i wouldnt be here today if it hadent been for him.

Sorry for the sad post people, ill just go off and cry quietly now.

Length? i dont think thats appropriate under this post.
(Thu 28th Feb 2008, 11:03, More)

» Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Hospitals

NHS - a thankyou to our saviours.
As someone who has spent the last 12 months of her life in and out of hospital with serious illness i have this to say -

NHS, without you id be dead. Without you my partner would be dead... bless you, bless every doctor,nurse,cleaner, cook for making my stay pleasent, relaxing and as pain free as you could. Thankyou for you after care and your continued concern for my well being, thankyou for the continued treatment i will recieve for the rest of my life, treatment administered with dignity, understanding and patience.

Thankyou for saving my partner when he was diagnosed with cancer. This week he left hospital, hopefully for the last time for the rest of his life. You saved his life and i am eternally grateful to you. You've kept his spirits high, been on the ball to every treatment and infection, pleasent, helpful, sensitive to both our needs. Youve even let me stay a few days at a time by his bedside when times where bad.

If anyone deserves pay rises and better treatment in this country it is you NHS, you work tirelessly for us, you save our lives day in day out. You deserve so much more than the abuse the countries media dishes out to you. This girl will always sing your praises.
(Fri 12th Mar 2010, 0:19, More)

» My most gullible moment

I suffer from massive anxiety, which unfortunatly can give me 'make belive' pain. I was going on holiday with my then bf. I'd never been on a plane befor, and whilst i wasnt scared as such i was stupidly anxious to the point my doctor had thought i had kidney failure.

To help ease my pain my bf told me all about how planes fly. Being a total geek and loving fantasy and dungeons and dragon etc he hit upon a great explanation....On each plane, look out for a wizard. he superglues his ass to the chair and uses a flying spell to make the plane move. There are no engins... just a levitating wizard with a plane stuck to his bum...

I was 21 at the time. And even though i knew it to be total make belive... i still asked him were the wizard was, and still look out for the little guy anytime i fly.

I guess im not gullible by mistake.... i choose to be gullible about some things when the lie is so much more comforting than the truth.
(Sun 24th Aug 2008, 1:50, More)
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