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» School Naughtiness

It was in CDT (Craft, Design and Technology I think) that due to a very welcome lack of teacher supervision my friend Davey and I constructed our best weapons. On one occasion for me, this took the form of a throwing knife and for Davey, an elastic band crossbow.

We were itching to try our new weapons out but first we had to sit through English. The class was taking it in turns to read from a book and at one point it was the turn of class victim, Matthew, who was sitting opposite at our group of desks. Davey nudged me and indicated that he was holding his crossbow under the desk, elastic band pulled taught and loaded with a menacing looking, tightly folded paper projectile. He aim it under the desk at Matthews genitals and fired it when he was mid sentance. Matthew said something to the effect of:


The whole class looked at eachother in astonishment and puzzlement as Matthew went red in the face and tried to start reading again. Except for the two of us who were crying, trying not to laugh.
(Fri 9th Sep 2011, 0:13, More)