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» What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

"Being attacked very badly"
As a kid I liked to stay up late and watch the news with mum and dad.

A report of a vicious rape comes on the News at 10.

Me: "Mum, what does rape mean?".

Mum: "errmm, errmmm...it means to be attacked very badly".

2 weeks later I was (genuinely) attacked very badly by an Alsatian dog.

Imagine the hilarity when I told my less innocent peers and school teachers that I had been "raped very badly by a big Alsatian dog". I retold the story well into my teens until someone was kind enough to reveal the true meaning.

oh dear.

first post (as a born again b3taean) - be gentle.
(Thu 19th Jan 2012, 9:05, More)

» Twattery

spolier twattery
Got a text from a friend asking me to go see Saw at the cinema. I had just seen it the week before.

I replied: No thanks. Seen it already. The bloke in the middle of the room isn't dead and he did it.

I don't get invited out to the cinema all that often now.
(Mon 16th Apr 2012, 16:09, More)

» Running away

I stripped off and walked into the Humber... sort of.
Living in Hull, working for a piss-pot company selling accounting software (exciting huh?), spending my modest salary on beer in the same pub night in night out... talking the same shit, night in night out with my mates(who i love but, yknow...), dreading the next day of office 'banter' about big brother etc etc, I decided enough was enough... i sold everything i owned save for a few cds and clothes (on Ebay, where else) and ran away to Thailand. I didn't bother to tell most people. Just sent them a bunch of postcards. Fantastic... i'm like Reginald Perrin.

(Thu 17th Aug 2006, 5:09, More)

» Essential Items

voices telling me to KILL KILL KILL KILL
I carry, or at least appear to, "The weight of the world on my shoulders"...apparently... or so people continually tell me. Usually the same people that tell me to "cheer up, it might never happen".

In truth, i carry the usual. However, interestingly enough, i've just learned that i still have a picture of my ex girfriend in my wallet, which i've decided to mutilate to help me sleep tonight.

Good night.
(Fri 28th Oct 2005, 0:42, More)